Many years of research led to the doctor Kioichi Nakagawa, the Japanese scientist, to formulate his theory of "deficiency syndrome of magnetic fields." This condition occurs in people who stay much of their time inside buildings whose support it are huge racks of bars (all modern buildings) that shielded the lines of force of Earth's magnetic field. The syndrome can be effectively fought if it ensures greater contact with nature in open environments and away from buildings, equipment and power lines. The symptoms of this disease "modern", among others, are not recorded by malaise clinical and physical, including stiffness in the shoulders, back and neck, chest pains, headaches, heaviness in the head, insomnia and fatigue general.

The conditions listed above, and a large number of diseases can be cured with a technique known as therapeutic magnetotherapy, clinical system in which pain is treated and cured by applying artificial magnetic fields on the patient's body, chasing mainly strengthen Self potential of the body. The magnetotherapy can be applied using electrical generators magnetic field (electromagnetoterapia) or by using permanent magnets (imanterapia).

The magnetotherapy passes today for two key strands: magnetization of water to swallow for people and direct application of a magnetic field the whole body, or part thereof specific areas where they locate any condition.

The application of a magnetic field to water causes physical changes in it, as the decrease in viscosity, surface tension and acidity, decreasing the hardness and neutral (pH 7) among others. Moreover, advocates increasing the solubility, electrical conductivity and the speed of dissolution.

Upon entering the magnetic water to our body with all these features makes the cells can absorb more easily, providing a more efficient hydration.

But its effect is not just about water magnetic, also has descalers action and detergent. The magnetic water intake can improve blood pressure and digestive problems and kidney among others.

The application of a magnetic field to allow relief agency, in astonishingly short periods, other diseases that have defied treatment methods, including asthma, back pain, chronic arthritis, hypertension, mental fatigue, rheumatism, pains in the teeth, insomnia, kidney dysfunction and others.

However, the most important effect might be in the field of prevention, especially with regard to disorders of the heart, kidneys and liver.

The main effects of magnetic fields that allow them to be used in therapeutic processes are: bioestimulantes effects, analgesics, anti-inflammatory and antiedematosos.

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