Ion technology

The atmosphere inside our homes and many offices, where we spent up to 80% of our time, is saturated with ions. This is caused by environmental pollution, poor air conditioning, computers and electrical goods (household appliances). This is often because of respiratory problems such as rhinitis, allergies and asthma, especially in people hypersensitive as a child. The balance of bioelectrical environment is achieved with the use of ionized, and certified quality, which ensure a high rate of negative ionization and they are exempted from ozono.

Los appliances ionizadores eliminate the allergy problems (asthma, hay fever), and facilitate respiratory functions, to ensure high air quality, with clean air and fresh, free particles (dust, pollen, pathogens), such as the one found by the sea or on the edge of the atmosphere ionized bosque.Este negatively, such as a waterfall, provides the physical and mental relaxation, improves memory and concentration, and helps them overcome anxiety and neurosis, without the use of anxiolytics or tranquilizers.

An atmosphere with negative ions improving the working environment and enhances performance laboral.La beneficial biological action of negative ions, called the vitamins of the air, has been proven by numerous scientific research in Biometeorology and doctors, including experts in air conditioning, know that a balanced electric atmosphere is a factor of relaxation, comfort and environmental health.

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